Frequently Asked Questions

Shop Questions
Tattoo Questions
  1. How late are you open?
    We are open until we are done for the day. Some days we might close at 6PM, others we might stay until Midnight. Just depends on how the day went and if we have personal plans after work.
  2. Can I bring my kids with me?
    No, our shop has a strict NO CHILDREN policy. Tattoo shops are for adults, they are not safe or suitable for children and it is very distracting trying to work while children are in the shop. It doesn't matter if you are "just looking", tattooers might be working on other clients.
  3. Can I sign for my minor to get a tattoo?
    No. Oregon law requires you to be 18+, with a valid ID, to get a tattoo in this State. No exceptions, not even with parental consent.
  4. Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, we accept cash and all major credit/debit cards.
  1. How much do tattoos cost?
    It varies based on design, size, placement, client attitude, etc. The SHOP MINIMUM is the starting point for tattoo pricing, and they go up from there.
  2. How long do tattoos take?
    Again, it just depends on the design, size, placement, client's pain tolerance, etc.
  3. Do tattoos hurt?
    Tattoos are placed under the skin with needles. ALL tattoos hurt to some degree, but pain is relative. Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, some people have a higher pain tolerance.
  4. How do I get started?
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Appointment Questions
Walk-In Questions
  1. Do I have to make an appointment?
    If you are looking to get a custom piece done, most likely you will need to schedule an appointment. If you are looking to get in the chair on a weekend or during the Summer, you can try your luck on walk-in availability, but appointments are strongly encouraged.
  2. Can I book online or over the phone?
    Yes and No. You can't call or email to make a same day appointment (that would be a walk-in). During busier times of the year the phone generally goes unanswered (we don't stop mid-tattoo to pick it up). To schedule online, click here.
  3. Do you require a deposit?
    Yes. Unless you are working on a multi-session based project, such as a sleeve or back piece, ALL clients must pay a deposit when booking an appointment. Deposits are $25 or 20%, whichever is more. Click here for more information.
  1. Do you take walk-ins?
    It depends on how many tattooers are in for the day, how booked up they are and what the design is that you're trying to get done. Walk-in availability is NEVER guaranteed and wait times are estimated only.
  2. Can I book a same day appointment?
    If you do not have an appointment and are trying to get in the same day, that would be considered a walk-in.
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